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Australian Healing Bracelets and Chakra Jewellery

Deliver positive energy into your life every day with our beautiful range of healing bracelets and jewellery. With us at Blava, you can get your natural and pure healing crystals that will help you to manifest your dreams. Simply by setting one of these gorgeous pieces on your wrist, you will begin the process of centring your mind, body and soul. Align your chakra with one of our bracelets, or begin a healing process with our jewellery pieces.

From our lava stone bracelets made of natural material, to mix and matching crystals to best suit your needs – we have a range that can help you in your spiritual healing journey.

Chakra Healing

Clean and heal your chakra with our bracelets. By focusing on the main seven, which travel up your spine, you will feel a balance between spirit, earth, body, health, grounding and universality. You can choose a crystal colour that matches the chakra that you want to focus on. Each crystal colour holds a specific vibration which will work its way towards repairing and restoring your soul. Not only will it do this, but it will also reignite your energy and heal the closed-up receptors.

We have bracelets that focus on the main seven chakras, but you can also choose to focus on one if necessary. Rebalancing is important in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and with our energy crystals you can heal your chakras and feel more receptive to the positive energy in the world.

Crystal and Lava Stone Bracelets  

Lava stone has incredible qualities for healing energy, which is why they are included in our online range. Our volcanic lava bracelets and healing chakra jewellery is the perfect combination for healing and realignment. You can soak up the health benefits that our crystals ignite.

Cleansing your Bracelets

As your bracelets will soak up a lot of energy, both from you and the environment around you, they need to be cleansed properly and regularly. This can be done in salt water, moonlight, with white sage or with salt cleansing. It is dependent on the type of crystal you use. We can help you determine the best way to cleanse your jewellery. Feel free to get in touch if you need any assistance with our range by filling out our online enquiry form. We have both women’s and men’s jewellery, and also have a variety of essential oils and diffusers.